Knightmare (shadowdemon_ak) wrote in nzguild,

Ursine's Pwnage Talent Setup Volume 1 (Hunter)

Beast Mastery
Endurance Training - 5
Beastial Discipline - 5
Unleashed Fury - 5
Thick Hide - 5
Improved Mend Pet - 2
Beastial Swiftness - 1
Ferocity - 5
Frenzy - 5
Spirit Link 1
Total = 34
Efficency - 5
Lethal Shots - 5
Improved Hunter's Mark - 5
Aimed Shot - 1
Total = 16
All up this will use 50 talent points, where you put the final point is up to you.
This build relies heavily on your pet (obviously) and it is recommended that you go for either a cat or wolf. Why them? Why not a bear with high health and armor that can tank for hours on end? One word. Speed. In PVP it is highly likely that your opponent will ignore your pet and attack you instead. What's the point in having a pet in that case? This is where spirit link comes in. Spirit link at the first level will cause you to gain 20 health every time your pet attacks. At higher levels this is increased to 30 and at level 60 a whopping 40 hp per hit. If your pet is healign you every half second or so, your opponent will have no choice but to kill the pet. When they turn on it, you run away quick then unleash the aimed shot. At level 60 this move increases your aimed attack power by a ridiculous 600! Your opponent will go "Oh shit!" And go for you again, allowing your pet to keep healing you. They won't know which way to turn.
This build's only real weakness is groups and stunning. Also spirit link will only last 30 seconds so make sure it counts.
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